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    Aktuelle Version:
    Download IMG: http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/Mako

    [size=18]CWM Touch[/SIZE]

    Aktuelle Version:
    Download IMG: http://download2.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/rec….0.4.7-mako.img

    [size=18]CWM Non-Touch[/SIZE]


    Aktuelle Version:
    Download IMG: http://download2.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/rec….0.4.7-mako.img

    [size=18]Philz Recovery[/SIZE]


    Aktuelle Version: 6.12.8
    Download ZIP: [DLMURL]http://goo.im/devs/philz_touch/CWM_Advanced_Edition/mako/philz_touch_6.12.8-mako.zip[/DLMURL]

    [color=#FF0000][size=8]WICHTIGER HINWEIS:
    Weder ich, noch Android-Port.de, übernehmen eine Garantie auf Erfolg, oder die Haftung für jegliche Beschädigungen an eurem "Nexus 4". Wenn ihr nicht sicher seit, was ihr macht, könnt ihr hier gerne Fragen stellen, aber wenn ihr danach immer noch nicht genau wisst, was ihr tut: Lasst es bleiben![/SIZE][/COLOR]

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  • Neue TWRP Version online

    • Added another libtar hardlink workaround to fix restore of some backups (usually related to Ubuntu Touch)
    • More fixes for the file selector
    • Switched from using busybox md5sum to a direct C function call
    • Fixed capturing the exit status of tar based backups/restore - TWRP will display that there was an error if there was one again
    • Update exFAT to latest commits
    • Added a build flag to disable using the ioctl for screen blanking
  • Philz Recovery Update

    4.92.3 (03.04.2013)
    - properly set time for all recovery session: this will now apply to the time stamp of any file modified (logs, backups...)
    - add Daylight Saving Time support

    4.91.9 (03.04.2013)
    - merge and fix fb2png source: now built as static binary and compatible with RGBX devices (Nexus 4...)
    special thanks for this to McKael and a huge thumbs up to talustus for his great support
    - silent failure when formatting non existing /sd-ext volume
    - use statfs instead of stat in nandroid operations
    - misc fixes
    - i9100/n7000 zip installer: option to skip flashing superuser using philz_installer.cfg
    - i9100/n7000: disable init binary substitution from older LSJ (aka /data corruption bootloop fix)
    - i9100/n7000: update clockworkmod superuser to (security fix)

    Download v4.92.3:

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  • Philz Recovery Update

    4.92.8 (05.04.2013)
    >> true support for /data/media/0 for android 4.2 <<
    true jb 4.2 migration: live toggle between /data/media and /data/media/0
    this implementation keeps compatibility with stock cwm while giving user option to force /data/media/0
    when migrating from or to jb 4.2, you still need to move folders to/from /data/media/0. No one will do it for you
    fix early mount of /data for datamedia devices caused by write_recovery_version(). This could cause errors on some install scripts
    hide some external menus for devices without external storage
    fix setup free browse mode bug for devices without external storage
    fix free browse mode could not browse up to the root for /data/media devices
    fix misc nandroid settings menu regression for devices without external storage
    fix .nandroid_secure selection in custom backup and restore for devices without external storage
    no more mount internal/external storage when checking for ors script at startup
    do not report custom recovery logs to rom manager
    export error log on failure during boot installed packages
    make sure we have all the log posted by users
    misc bug fixes

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  • TWRP Update

    [COLOR=#ff0000]Special Note: If you are running a custom theme, you will likely need to remove that theme before updating to as your custom theme will likely not be compatible with the new changes![/COLOR]

    • Added scrollable partition lists for mount, backup, restore, wipe, and storage selection
    • Add new SliderValue GUI element for selecting brightness and screen timeout (thanks to Tassadar)
    • Re-work AOSP and TWRP code to improve license compatibility between GPL and Apache
    • Added official theme for 1080x1920 portrait devices (HTC One m7, HTC DNA, HTC Butterfly, Oppo Find 5, Sony Xperia Z, etc)
    • Fixed a problem with directory permissions on split archive backups (backups usually restored with no app data)
    • Fixed a problem with md5 verification of backups
    • Added a search function to libtar (thanks to kokotas)
    • Improve handling of XML errors (fix permissions)
    • Fixed handling of subpartitions
    • Improvements to recovery.fstab flags
    • Fixed a problem with decryption not being able to locate the decryption key in some situations
  • Philz Recovery Update v4.93.3

    - share source for multi-zip installer
    - fix reboot into bootloader
    - add sideload and print commands support to ors as per TWRP specs
    - always ensure sync before rebooting
    - disable adb secure
    - Update to CWM
    * allow cancel sideload
    * allow sideload install from /cache/recovery
    * courier_extended_15x24

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  • Philz Recovery Update 4.93.6 CWM

    • fix reboot to bootloader for phones without download mode
    • define default values for CWM Advanced Edition builds to non officially supported devices by PhilZ Touch
    • no need to confirm sideload as it can be cancelled
    • [COLOR=Red]move philz settings file from /system to /data[/COLOR]
    • fix compile error for non PhilZ Touch version
    • revert temporary assert fix for i9100/n7000 (ramdisk changes):

    * do not mount /system in init.rc
    * add needed entries in default.prop
    - n7000: no more replace init binary to fix /data corruption bootloop issue (ramdisk changes)

  • Philz Recovery Update 4.96.5

    • change event input handling code to support auto-interpolation
    • [COLOR=red]auto support for devices built-in virtual keys[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=Red]enable key repeat for recovery virtual buttons[/COLOR] (up/down): now they auto-repeat while pressed
    • [COLOR=red]fix HTC One X nandroid backup was very slow[/COLOR] (ramdisk changes)
    • [COLOR=red]fix touch for new N71xx, T889, I317/M repacks based on wanam Adam 2.3 kernel[/COLOR] to fix boot delay for non stock kernels
    • misc bug fixes and code optimization
  • Philz Recovery Update 5.00.4

    • touch code completely rewritten to support more devices (no more calibration needed)
    • [COLOR=Red]true touch scroll effect[/COLOR] and much improved touch response
    • secure touch: robust to wrong selections while scrolling + confirmation before any bad thing
    • [COLOR=red]add option to completely disable touch[/COLOR]
    • options to restore Koush or PhilZ Touch background images
    • restoring default backgrounds (Koush, PhilZ Touch) will apply live (a reboot was previously needed)
    • fix touch on HTC Pico, HTC One S and HTC One XL
    • restore support for device keys KEY_MENU and Home key (KEY_HOME, KEY_HOMEPAGE)
    • [COLOR=red]add /preload support in twrp backup and restore modes[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=red]mount /system and /data on Aroma File Explorer launch[/COLOR]
    • fix battery stats error in some circumstances
    • i9100/n7000: update CWM Superuser to v1.0.1.8 (through zip installer)
    • code cleaning, various fixes and optimizations
    • [COLOR=red]force reset of recovery settings to v5: new settings file name[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=red]backup file name is unchanged so that old settings can still be restored[/COLOR]


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