• Das QuissME Projekt wurde ja leider eingestellt. Stattdessen gibt es den Launcher

    Beschreibung und Download bei PlayStore [KLICK]

    • Extension from Project QiSS ME, download QiSS HOME to use the UI without flashing the rom.

      ? Directly uninstall applications.
      ? Setting the style of notification bar
      ? Unlimited extension of desktops
      ? Icons position management
      ? Free to choose any desktop to be main desktop
      ? Easily to edit all pages’ content.
      ? Easily to create new folder for categorized apps.

      Smart Wheel:
      ? Allows you to turn on/off the screen without using the power key.
      ? To set up to 6 fast link of the frequent used function.
      ? One touch to initiate the music player while in lock screen.

      New Comer Folder:
      ? All new downloaded apps will automatically positioned in new comer folder

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