[MOD] MIUI Control Panel ( flashable ZIP)

  • Posted by fusionjack / miuiaustralia.com

    [size=36][size=14]Status for Control Panel 3.2.1[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    • Full package: Uploaded.
      Multilang package: Uploaded.

    [size=14]Im Original Port: [KLICK][/SIZE]

    • Introduction


    [size=14]Credits & Special Thanks[/SIZE]

    • iBotPeaches for apktool
      kahvitahra, kong for 4-Way Reboot and reducing home lag button tutorial
      CosmicDan for 4-Way Reboot recovery fix for Xperia devices
      lenny_kano for 5-Way Reboot, Control panel and his support
      sphinx02, Tungstwenty for CRT-Off animation tutorial
      AndroidOn for smooth scrolling tutorial
      chillzz, bboran for testing Control Panel on crespo and maguro.
      cat_baxter for landscape mode sms mod
      Oliwe for reducing home lag button tutorial
      Mirko_ddd for volume rocker mod tutorial
      sorg for CRT-Off fix for SGS3 tutorial
      others that I have forgot to mention…

    As always, I’m not responsible for your device. Use everything here on your own risk.
    If you reuse this work, please be fair of giving credits.

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