[ROM] [PA.AOKP.CM10] [13.Mai] JELLYBAM - V7.8.0 (4.2.2 | JDQ39)

  • Heute präsentiere ich euch eine weitere AOKP Rom von iGio90 zu finden hier auf [DLMURL="http://www.modmydroid.net/jellybam/"]modmydroid.net[/DLMURL].

    [COLOR=#FF0000]Weder ich, noch Android-Port.de oder der der Entwickler dieses ROM übernehmen die Haftung für eventuelle Schäden an eurem Gerät! Ihr müsst wissen, was Ihr da macht.

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue][size=36]Willkommen zu JellyBam[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    - Die allgemeine Merkmale von AOKP, CM10 und PARANOID (ganz speziell die Einstellungen)

    - Spezielle JellyBam Einstellungen

    - Themes und Mods in JellyBam Stil

    - Die neusten CM10/AOKP Kernel Änderungen

    - Google apps sind enthalten

    - Neuer Mali Treiber

    - Exynos HWComposer

    - Lockscreen mit x8 Custom app

    - Neuer optimus 4x circle lockscreen

    - KeyBoard von Android 4.2

    - Uhr von Android 4.2

    - Paranoid Android Einstellungen

    - Per-App-DPI Changer

    - Per-App-Color

    - AOKP and CyanogenMod Settings

    - OTA Update via UpdateMe App

    - Gallery unterstützt picasa share

    - Apollo Music Player (Themed)

    - Quick SMS

    - Init.d scripts

    - 3G und GPS Tweaks

    - RAM Optimization + Multitasking

    - SmoothScrolling tweak

    - TouchWiz 5 Launcher und Allweather widget

    - Trebuchet Launcher

    - Zentrierte Uhr/Keine Uhr einstellbar

    - Noch vieles mehr! Schau am besten mal selber!

    - All die erstaunlichen Merkmale von CM10, PARANOID und AOKP zusammen in einer Rom

    Changelog V7.8.0:

    Display Spoiler

    Changelog: 7.8.0

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_build
    .Kilian – Add icelanderus
    .Kilian – add others
    .Kilian – Real final
    .Kilian – Final
    .Kilian – Add Version, Device, Model
    .igio90 – Added bam reference to meta inf

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_frameworks_native
    .Lars Greiss – Frameworks_native: TRDS new qualifier push up qualifier number (2/2)
    .Lars Greiss – Frameworks native: Add new configuration qualifier for UI change on the fly (2/3)

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_opt_telephony
    .Ethan Chen – HTCQualcommRIL: squashed set of updates

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_av
    .Daniel Hillenbrand – camera: fixup htc params

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_frameworks_base
    .igio90 – Rewrite phone constant Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – cleanup Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (2/2)
    .igio90 – audio: Add overlay to fix analog docks.
    .Elliott Hughes – Someone’s IDE chose the wrong Date.
    .Muhammed Nazim – Fix Keyboard Visibility Derp
    .xLaMbChOpSx – Fix Build Error: Slight correction for Lockscreen SOD Fix
    .gs2usr – Fix: Lockscreen SOD. Locking device while in lanscape would result in SOD, this commit fixes it. [credits to szlkiev for pointing me in the right direction']
    .singh_dd93 – BATTERY ICONS:Add the missing battery icons to MDPI
    .Danesh Mondegarian – PowerMenu : Improve keyguard filtered actions
    .drcmda – Policy: fix keyguard statusbar showing while in ext desktop, fixes it in apps like currents as well
    .igio90 – Various fixes! Signed-off-by: igio90
    .Skrilax_CZ – Keep keyboard lit until the screen is dimmed
    .Steve Kondik – power: Add panel auto-brightness configuration
    .tbalden – keyboard: adding functional alt/shift lights
    .Diego Torres Milano – input: added support for multiple keyevents
    .Steve Kondik – power: Add panel auto-brightness configuration ***needed for D2 devices. * Some panel hardware requires that we twiddle some knobs in sysfs to enable proper display calibration (gamma, etc) when auto-brightness is enabled. Add a configuration value to handle this.
    .gs2usr – Batt drawables for mdpi devices. soowwiiee.
    .igio90 – Revert “FW: Remove ViewRoot.java – Corrects errors with Dolphin Jetpack”

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_vendor_cm
    .igio90 – Trebuchet is back!
    .igio90 – bump to cm rc2 Signed-off-by: igio90

    CyanogenMod Project name: proprietary_vendor_motorola
    .dhacker29 – edison: Use audio libs from spyder JB 4.1 release
    .dhacker29 – Targa & Solana: Use targa gps lib to match audio.primary
    .dhacker29 – OMAP4 Devices: Uses device specific 4.1 audio.primary and ap_gain
    .Hashcode – speakerphone fix

    JELLYBAM Project name: jellybam_vendor
    .igio90 – Fixed bootanimations. now u can merge this xD Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – Removed HoloLauncher Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – Testing bootanimation with sound. Do not merge yet!
    .igio90 – JFLTECAN
    .igio90 – Adding bootanimation sound and the new S4 bootanimaton Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – Cleanup
    .igio90 – Push to 7.8
    .Chirayu Desai – repo bash completion: _find_repo: improve check
    .Chirayu Desai – repo.bash: replace with better version
    .igio90 – Fix S4 dpi Signed-off-by: igio90

    CyanogenMod Project name: proprietary_vendor_samsung
    .Andrew Jiang – smdk4412-common: Add ZM camera blob
    .Mike Kasick – d2-common: Update libloc_api_v02.so to d2spr MD4.

    CyanogenMod Project name: proprietary_vendor_sony
    .Daniel Hillenbrand – pollux: fix copy of touch firmwares, add some
    .Giulio Cervera – fusion3: fix thermald
    .Giulio Cervera – fusion3: update audio blob

    CyanogenMod Project name: proprietary_vendor_asus
    .Aaron Echols – tf700t: remove ASUS exfat and ntfs support

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_development
    .Danny Baumann – Update classpath for dashclock API in CMUpdater.
    .Koushik Dutta – Fix up Windows cross compile detection and error handling on Darwin.
    .Koushik Dutta – Add support for cross compiling Windows tools on Darwin.

    JELLYBAM Project name: platform_manifest
    .igio90 – Track back cm trebuchet Signed-off-by: igio90

    CyanogenMod Project name: Widgets
    .Koushik Dutta – Fix ensureHeader with index

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_external_openssh
    .Chirayu Desai – sshd: add null check

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_external_libncurses
    .Chirayu Desai – set a dependency on $(ACP)

    JELLYBAM Project name: platform_manifest
    .igio90 – Track back cm trebuchet Signed-off-by: igio90

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_audio-caf
    .Arne Coucheron – audio/msm7x30: #ifdef teh things
    .Arne Coucheron – Revert “audio/8655: Enabling LPA playback by adding AudioSessionOutLPA class”
    .Tiziano Carotti – audio/msm7x30: fix a crash on audio initialize
    .Giulio Cervera – audio/msm7x30: Change fallback route to speaker
    .Giulio Cervera – audio/msm7x30: fix voice volume on first call
    .Ethan Chen – audio/msm7x30: set mRecordState in AudioInputStreamMSM72xx::set
    .Giulio Cervera – audio/msm7x30: device enum debug
    .Ethan Chen – audio/msm7x30: perform null checks when calling libhtc_acoustic functions
    .Giulio Cervera – audio/msm7x30: port forwarding HTC code from gb

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_samsung
    .ghepeu – exynos4: hal: include: Exif.h: always keep two decimal places in macros
    .Daniel Hillenbrand – macloader: add 5C:F8:A1 to murata

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_jf
    .Steve Kondik – msm: restart: Always use Samsung magic restart reason
    .Kuogee Hsieh – msm_fb: display: fix iommu page fault when iommu buffer freed
    .Ken Zhang – msm: display: plane alpha support
    .Steve Kondik – cm: Set ROW as default IO scheduler
    .Steve Kondik – mmc: Fix warning during bootup
    .Maya Erez – mmc: Urgent request support
    .Steve Kondik – cm: Disable DVFS touch booster
    .Steve Kondik – input: Add option to disable touch booster

    CyanogenMod Project name: jellybam
    .igio90 – Add S4 to the chain Signed-off-by: igio90

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_bootable_recovery
    .Marcel Bokhorst – recovery: fix sideload cancel

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Gallery2
    .Steve Kondik – Revert “Revert “Add storage selection (2/2)”"

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Apollo
    .Odin Ugedal – Apollo: NB translation
    .Andrew Jiang – Apollo: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .Vladimir Belkov – Apollo: RU translation
    .isimobile – Afrikaans: Add missing translations & plurals
    .Marco Brohet – Apollo: NL translations
    .Jacob Overgaard Madsen – Apollo: DA translation

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_packages_apps_Contacts
    .igio90 – Fix build! Signed-off-by: igio90
    .igio90 – Big merge from AOKP and CM Signed-off-by: igio90
    .Odin Ugedal – Contacts: NB translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_LegacyCamera
    .Odin Ugedal – LegacyCamera: NB translation
    .isimobile – LegacyCamera: Add missing AF translations

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_DSPManager
    .isimobile – Afrikaans: Added missing translation text

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_LockClock
    .Takuo Kitame – LockClock: Update Japanese translation.
    .Odin Ugedal – LockClock: NB translation
    .David van Tonder – LockClock: Add support for the HTC One and Galaxy S4

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_packages_apps_Settings
    .igio90 – Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (1/2)
    .igio90 – Settings: add google+ restart for TRDS du that we finished the trds google plus app because of one background g+ needs to be restarted on trds toggle

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_SamsungServiceMode
    .Marco Brohet – SamsungServiceMode: NL translations

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_packages_apps_Phone
    .Bajee11 – Fix build
    .Mike Kasick – Support additional LTE network modes
    .Steve Spear – Changes for the 2g and lte toggles
    .Daniel – XY Changes
    .Bajee11 – Missed Call Breath (1/3)
    .Steve Spear – Another big update
    .Muhammed Nazim – Phone: IncomingCallWidget shows indefinitely sometimes.
    .Muhammed Nazim – Phone: Ignore touch during network operators search
    .Muhammed Nazim – Phone: Forward port Add Missed call and Voicemail specific notification lights
    .Bin Li – Phone: Fix NPE in PhoneUtils::toLogSafePhoneNumber
    .kufikugel – Phone: Navbar customization (2/3)
    .Quarx2k – Cleanup
    .igio90 – Some moar updates Signed-off-by: igio90
    .Daniel – XY Changes
    .Bajee11 – Missed Call Breath (1/3)
    .Steve Spear – Changes for the 2g and lte toggles
    .Mike Kasick – Support additional LTE network modes
    .igio90 – Some cleanup Signed-off-by: igio90

    JELLYBAM Project name: android_packages_apps_Mms
    .Bajee11 – Big update!
    .igio90 – cleanup!
    .Odin Ugedal – Mms: NB translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Camera
    .Danny Baumann – Update German translation
    .Ricardo Cerqueira – Camera: fix preview in panorama mode
    .DelPETER – Camera : FR Translation
    .Odin Ugedal – Camera: NB translation
    .Steve Kondik – Revert all recent changes to preview orientation handling
    .Jorge Ruesga – Camera: Add supportsOrientationResizePreview configuration
    .Steve Kondik – camera: Clean up code for restarting the preview
    .Steve Kondik – camera: Fix hang when changing picture size
    .isimobile – Camera: Add Missing AF translations & do some cleanup
    .Gary Mathews – camera: Fix camera storage location
    .DelPETER – Camera : refactor translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_CMFileManager
    .pvolkov – CMFileManager: RU translation
    .Andrew Jiang – CMFileManager: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .djMesias – CMFileManager: ES translations
    .pvolkov – CMFileManager: RU translation
    .Jacob Overgaard Madsen – CMFileManager: DA translation
    .Eddy Witkamp – CMFM: Update translations
    .Marco Brohet – CMFM: Use ‘app’ instead of ‘application’
    .Jorge Ruesga – CMFM: Fix ColorPickerDialog on landscape mode
    .Odin Ugedal – CMFileManager: NB translation
    .Jorge Ruesga – CMFM: es_ES: Styling fixes
    .Jorge Ruesga – CMFM: Styling fixes

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_KeyChain
    .Andrew Jiang – KeyChain: Simplified Chinese Translations

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Browser
    .Andrew Jiang – Browser: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .Vladimir Belkov – Browser: RU translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
    .Jorge Ruesga – Trebuchet: Fix workspaceTabletGrid check
    .Tamás Tóth – Trebuchet: HU update translation
    .Danny Baumann – Update German translation
    .Odin Ugedal – Trebuchet: NB translation
    .Jorge Ruesga – Trebuchet: Properly remove grid preference on isLargeScreen devices
    .Jorge Ruesga – Trebuchet: Centers horizontally the drawer on vertical orientation
    .Danny Baumann – Revert “Reload launcher on expanded desktop”
    .Yannik Ehlert – Update German translation.
    .DelPETER – Trebuchet : FR translation
    .Andrew Jiang – Trebuchet: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .rheeze – Trebuchet: Update italian translation
    .Eddy Witkamp – Trebuchet: NL translation
    .djMesias – Trebuchet: ES translations
    .pvolkov – Trebuchet: RU translation
    .Ondrej Zima – Trebuchet: CS translation
    .Gustavo – Trebuchet: PT-BR translations
    .Jorge Ruesga – Trebuchet: Fix drawer vertical orientation bugs
    .Jorge Ruesga – Trebuchet: Labels on dock items
    .pvolkov – Trebuchet: Refactor RU translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Bluetooth
    .Odin Ugedal – Bluetooth: NB translation
    .Andrew Jiang – Bluetooth: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .Jacob Overgaard Madsen – Bluetooth: DA translation
    .Steve Kondik – Fix crash during BT shutdown

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_wallpapers_Galaxy4
    .pvolkov – Galaxy4: RU translation
    .Odin Ugedal – Galaxy4: NB translation

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_galaxys2-common
    .ghepeu – galaxys2-common: camera: exynos_exif.c: fix values of some wrong EXIF tags
    .ghepeu – galaxys2-common: fix EXIF data generated by the camera

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_i9100
    .Andrew Jiang – I9100: Simplified Chinese Translations
    .Gustavo – i9100: PT-BR translations

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_jf-common
    .Steve Kondik – jf: Add media profile
    .Steve Kondik – jf: Fix storage configuration
    .Steve Kondik – jf: Add configuration for panel auto-brightness mode

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_msm8960-common
    .Gustavo – msm8960-common: PT-BR translations
    .Steve Kondik – msm8960: Fix writing of bytes to param partition
    .Steve Kondik – msm8960: Relocate media profiles
    .Steve Kondik – msm8960: Add support for MDNIE auto mode and make it default
    .Steve Kondik – msm8960: Don’t show color temp setting if not supported
    .Dan Pasanen – msm8960-common: relocate panel_colors sysfs interface

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_qcom-common
    .Steve Kondik – qcom-common: Use ondemand governor in recovery
    .Steve Kondik – qcom-common: Set power modes in recovery
    .Steve Kondik – msm8660: Use interactive cpufreq governor by default

    CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_jfltetmo
    .Steve Kondik – jfltetmo: Use LTE APN by default

    [B]Installationsanleitung (Wenn du von einer anderen ROM kommst):

    - Lade dir das [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/JellyBam/Samsung%20Galaxy%20S3%20-%20i9300"]ROM[/DLMURL] herunter

    - Kopiere die Zip Datei auf deine SD/Interne Speicherkarte

    - Geh in dein Recovery Menü

    - Wipe data/system (Nur wenn du von einer anderen ROM kommst, updatest Du nur diese ROM, brauchst du keinen Factory Reset zu tätigen) -

    - Flash die Zip Datei

    - Nutzen und genießen

    - CM10, AOKP bekannte bugs

    [size=10][DLMURL="http://www.modmydroid.net/jellybam/"][B][COLOR=#FF0000]Besuche uns, für den neusten Changelog und Download Link[/COLOR][/size][size=10][/DLMURL][/SIZE]

    Vielen Dank an:

    TeamHacksung (CM10)

    Bajee11 and all his team (AOKP)

    TayyabKhalid97 Für sein Video Review

    MyLifeRocks10 (DPI Hacked PlayStore)
    JellyBam ROM Developer - First image is i9100 version, Second image is i9100G version - Enjoy[/B]

    [COLOR=#FF0000]Nützliche Erweiterungen[/COLOR]


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  • Version 6.2 ist raus und läuft weitestgehend stabil und schnell...


  • Den Bug hatte ich auch schon mal mit ner früheren Version.
    Wie wär es denn mal mit OP anpassen, mareis? :D

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  • Ich hab den Threadtitel mal aktualisiert :D


  • Version 6.6.0 online [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/JellyBam/Samsung%20Galaxy%20S3%20-%20i9300"]Goo.im Downloads - Browsing Samsung Galaxy S3 - i9300[/DLMURL]

    Display Spoiler

    CM Vendor: Removed SuperUser* Authored by iGio90
    PA Vendor: PA Prefs: Fix restore and backup preferences* Authored by iGio90
    JELLYBAM Vendor: Embed SuperUser into settings* Authored by iGio90
    JELLYBAM Vendor: New bootanimation by Iluha Tsuprun!* Authored by iGio90
    System core: add 32K 64K and 128K pagesizes in bootimage* Authored by championswimmer
    System core: init: create mountpoint for fuse* Authored by codeworkx
    Framework: PIE: one finger swipe-up for notifications* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: A way to fix navigation bar systemui fc loop* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: core/jni/android/graphics: Cache copy of pre-scaled Bitmaps* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: NavRing rework* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Include android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission in the base API* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: BAMControl: NavRing additions* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: FM Radio: avoid deadlock when disabling RDS* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: BAMControl: Notification custom wallpaper alpha and wallpaper. 1/2* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: More awesome actions* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Applying ChannelScrolling to remove calculateDragAngle* Authored by kiwon
    Framework: Account malloc mmaped pages as native heap.* Authored by Ian Rogers
    Framework: Track stack memory in MemoryInfo.* Authored by Ian Rogers
    Framework: frameworks/base: vectorize Bitmap operations* Authored by Lucas Crowthers
    Framework: Enable vecorized bitmaps for all devices* Authored by aaronpoweruser
    Framework: FIX Null Pointer Exception on dialog cancel* Authored by amitkec123
    Framework: Update QuickSettings* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: restore transparent bluetooth for xhdpi & mdpi* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: SysUI: Add fullscreen/PIE toggle, change global action string* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: PIE: Restart launcher* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: PIE: slightly smaller as default* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: pie toggle, rootbox icons* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: PWM: disable HW overlays for PIE* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: simplify pie toggle icons* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: circle battery* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: circle battery bugfixes, margins, per-app-color* Authored by drcmda
    Settings: BAMControl: enable/disable stylus pointer* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: BAMControl: New navring settings* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: New navring layout* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: move superuser up* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Fixed LockScreen auto rotate* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: New CMDProcessor* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Rewrite tiles and toggles. Merged into BAMControl* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: fullscreen toggle* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: New PIE Option: Restart launcher* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: PIE: slightly smaller as default* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: BAMControl: Notification background alpha and custom wallpaper 2/2 and NavRing cleanup* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Switch to new Superuser* Authored by koush
    Settings: explicitly specify the dark theme* Authored by koush
    Settings: Fix up concurrent su request handling* Authored by koush
    Settings: Superuser & Rom Control Navigation Ring settings icons* Authored by bliss91
    Settings: Add superuser permision to settings* Authored by aaronpoweruser

  • Gerade über OTA die Meldung erhalten das Version 6.7.0 erhältlich ist.

    Display Spoiler

    JELLYBAM Vendor: Removed awesomebeats causing conflicts with incall audio volume* Authored by iGio90
    JELLYBAM Vendor: Default jellybam notifications ringtone* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Navring: fix NPE if app uninstalled and in Navring* Authored by Stevespear426
    Framework: circlebattery bugfixes* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: revert to old data/signal null icons* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: MMS Breath (2/3)* Authored by Bajee11
    Framework: Alternative RootBox Battery Icons (2/2)* Authored by Bajee11
    Framework: NavBar and battery fixes* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: RootBox SquareMod Battery (1/2)* Authored by Bajee11
    Framework: Some more awesome action* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: SPen Gestures, fix and cleanup* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Awesome Actions fixes* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Fix statusbar clock short/long/double click actions* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: update preloaded-classes* Authored by hopemini
    Framework: 4pie toggle state* Authored by drcmda
    Framework: Enable Copy/Paste in Google Talk* Authored by iGio90
    Framework: Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting* Authored by mnm9994u
    Framework: Disable usage of WAL in DatabaseHelper* Authored by Yevgen Pronenk
    Framework: add reply.writeNoException() for quick response* Authored by hopemini
    Framework: Clear loaders array after they are destroyed.* Authored by roman-mazur
    Framework: Potential NPE in SQLiteConnection* Authored by Sylvain Becuw
    Framework: Keep native callbacks when primary SQLiteConnection is recreated* Authored by Niklas Brunlid
    Framework: Fix PointerCoords Parcel incorrectly storing values as Int32* Authored by daio
    Framework: Handle hotplug events as described instead of rescanning* Authored by mnm9994u
    Framework: Process all display events in order* Authored by mnm9994u
    Framework: MediaStore.Audio.Media.getContentUriForPath() returns unexpected content* Authored by mnm9994u
    Settings: MMS Breath (3/3)* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Alternative RootBox Battery icons (1/2)* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Removed screenshoot from navbar* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: RootBox battery + QuickSettings fixes* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: Fix custom carrier label* Authored by iGio90
    Settings: LockscreenPattern: Fix toggle dots/error pattern visibility* Authored by iGio90
    Mms: MMS Breath (1/3)* Authored by Bajee11

  • Und wenn jemand den Thread übernehmen möchte, einfach an die Moderation wenden, von meiner Seite aus gerne.....

  • Wenn es mit einer Bearbeitung Zeit bis zum Wochenende hat - könnte ich den übernehmen.

  • Thread überarbeitet und aktuell. Wird allerdings hier und da noch verändert - gefällt mir noch nicht so ganz.

  • Super Sache. Danke. Vielleicht kannst du für die Changelogs ja die Spoiler-Funktion nutzen. Vorallem für die Tapatalk-Nutzer wäre der Thread so noch besser lesbar.

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  • Spoiler und Quote gehen zwar zusammen auf einem Browser, aber Tapatalk verweigert dies.
    Daher nur die Spoiler Funktion für die Changelogs eingesetzt.

    Später setze ich noch Screenshots in einen Spoiler rein (wie in dem anderen Thread von mir). Damit man sich ein besseres Bild machen kann und man über Tapatalk noch gut lesen bzw. scrollen kann. :)

  • Version 7.8.0 wurde heute veröffentlicht. Threadtitel schon einmal angepasst - Changelog folgt, wenn er entweder auf der Seite veröffentlicht wurde oder ich ihn irgendwo finde.

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