[AOSPA][4.2.2][JOP40D] Paranoidandroid 3.0

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    Weder ich, noch Android-Port.de, übernehmen eine Garantie auf Erfolg, oder die Haftung für jegliche Beschädigungen an eurem Gerät. Wenn ihr nicht sicher seid, was ihr macht, könnt ihr hier gerne Fragen stellen, aber wenn ihr danach immer noch nicht genau wisst, was ihr tut: Lasst es bleiben!

    Ich glaube zu Paranoidandroid brauch ich nicht groß was schreiben, sollte jedem der sich ein bisschen mit Android beschäftigt hat, geläufig sein.

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    [size=36]Flash Anleitung:[/SIZE]

    -Daten sichern
    -> ins Recovery booten

    -> Rom + Gapps installieren

    -> neu starten

    Features im Detail

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    Hybrid engine +++ Per app Layout, this will let you choose the UI of any app,--
    that means you can switch apps into their tablet layouts +++ Per app Size, scal
    e apps individually, this is especially important if you use tablet apps, go as
    small or big as you like +++ Per app Color, this lets you select statusbar and-
    navbar colors for apps individually, colors will shift when you jump from one a
    pp to another +++ Hybrid engine makes it possible to use any tablet ready app--
    available on your phone, start with your regular Google apps and see what treas
    ures lie hidden in them and just how well they work on your device. +++ You can
    use hybrid engine to use all available general interface UI's aswell: Phone, Ph
    ablet, Tablet. This is safe as milk, we don't change DPI, we don't trash your m
    arket, we don't shrink all your apps or force them into layouts, you don't need
    to edit system files for that. +++ Transparent bars and color pickers, new Syst
    emUI drawables thanks to giannisgx89 +++ Theming Engine +++ Statusbar Settings,
    Lockscreen Settings +++ Multiuser support +++ Quicksettings -> Quicktoggles +++
    4.2 Walls and sounds, Google stock apps As we merge back our old CMPA feature--
    catalogue this list will grow considerably over the coming weeks +++ New holo-s
    tyled theme chooser +++ T9 dialer +++ New papreferences app-----------------EOF

    Weitere Links:

    Website: http://%22http//www.paranoid-rom.com%22
    Github: [DLMURL]http://www.github.com/paranoidandroid[/DLMURL]
    Gerrit: review.paranoid-rom.com

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