[RECOVERY][maguro] TWRP touch recovery [2014-06-05]

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    [size=18][COLOR=#666666]Weder ich, die Devs vom Team Win Recovery Projekt noch android-port.de übernehmen Haftung für Schäden, die an eurem Gerät enstehen können![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [size=24]Was oder wer ist TWRP?[/SIZE]

    [COLOR=#666666]TWRP ist ein TouchRecovery wie es auch das ClockworkMod Recovery ist. Genauso wie es bei ROMs Vorlieben und Abneigungen gegenüber bestimmten ROMs gibt, gibt es dies auch beim Recovery[/COLOR]

    [size=24][COLOR=#000000]Welches Recovery ist besser?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [COLOR=#666666]Geschmackssache. Ich bevorzuge klar TWRP. Die Buttons des Touch Recoverys von TWRP sind größer, die menüs sind meiner Meuinung nach besser sortiert. TWRP hat außerdem einen FileManager dabei[/COLOR]

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    [DLMURL="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/86961208.jpg/"] [/DLMURL]

    [DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1592689"]TeamWin auf xda[/DLMURL]

    [DLMURL="http://www.teamw.in/project/twrp2"]Link[/DLMURL] zur Internetseite von TWRP



    Über diese App kann via Menü und dann "InstallOpenRecoveryScript" das Recovery geladen und automatisch geflasht werden

    [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/s0updev/goomanager"]Direct Download des GooManagers[/DLMURL]


    Können hier gemeldet werden


  • [COLOR=#666666][size=36]Changelog

    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add screen timeout - screen will turn off automatically after 60 seconds, saves battery and prevents screen burn-in especially on AMOLED devices[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add a brightness setting (requires device specific setup and only some devices have been added)[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add a root checker and offer to install SuperSU[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial] if the device isn't already rooted[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add a write buffer to libtar backups, significant improvements to speeds when backing up to exFAT target, minor improvements for other file systems[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Check and offer to fix root permissions if broken[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add an option for a 24 hour clock display instead of AM/PM (aka military time)[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Move stock recovery reflash check to occur during the reboot cycle[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add support for some MTK6xxx devices[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Change libtar to vfork to help prevent memory problems[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Add a "clicked" effect to most buttons, file selector, and listbox[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Improve timezone listbox to be more like file selector (per pixel kinetic scrolling, etc)[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Remove some no longer used settings (Forced MD5 sum on zips, size checking on image backups)[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#222225][FONT=Arial]-Other minor bugfixes and improvements[/FONT][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#666666]-Fixed a problem with mkdosfs that formatted sdcards to 2GB
    -Fixed handoff between vfat and exFAT on devices where blkid didn't detect vfat (fixes some issues with mounting sdcards)
    -Fixed problems with changing working directory on MD5 creation/checking that may have prevented unmounting
    -Backups will now store a copy of the backup log after the backup is completed (only if backup is successful)[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#999999]-Using libtar instead of busybox's tar for better control over tar file creation and breaking the 2GB barrier that busybox imposes (thanks to bigbiff)
    -Support for exFAT formatted sdcards (also thanks to bigbiff)
    -Support for decrypting Samsung TouchWiz encrypted devices including internal and external storage (special thanks to a3955269 for figuring it out)
    -Improvements to OpenRecoveryScript including displaying a proper GUI while the script is running
    -Added wipe cache and dalvik after ADB Sideload
    -Replaced many system calls with their native C counterparts
    -Fixed bugs in file manager where it would display an empty list after moving or deleting a folder
    -Fixed AOSP recovery commands to run after decryption on encrypted devices
    -Improvements for building TWRP in CM10.1
    -Other minor bugfixes and improvements
    NOTE: is, as always, still compatible with your older backups![/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#999999]-Fix renaming backups with a space in the name
    -Add decrypt button to mount page if you cancel decryption during startup
    -Added ignore blkid flag
    -Fixed handling of MTD partitions during mount
    -Fixed some keyboard mapping issues on 800x1280 layout[/COLOR]

  • Titel des OP aktuell. Würde mich freuen wenn jemand diesen Thread hier zur Pflege übernehmen würde. Kurze Info an mich, dann übergebe ich umgehend.



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