miui.polimorph® (MIUI.3.1.25 - v1) | (4.1.2 JB | JZO54K)

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    [size=12]Original Port & Support by [DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1859716"] _miui.polimorph_®[/DLMURL] / xda[/SIZE]

    [size=12]Ich stelle hier das derzeit einzige auf CM10 basierende MIUI Mod vor.
    Bassiert auf[/SIZE]

    • 3.1.25, source miuiandroid


    • lastest temasek CM10 kang v103
      modded for miui siyah kernel v1.8.3 (thanks to gokhanmoral
    • Weitere Detail unter Features

    [size=12]Wann kommt ein auf CM10.1 basierendes Mod?[/SIZE]

    • Erst wenn die MIUI Devs das erste MIUI V5 rausbringen, ist es möglich es mit CM10.1 zu kompilieren

    [size=12]Installationshinweis & Download[/SIZE]


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  • [size=14][FONT=Georgia]Installationshinweis & Downloads[/FONT]

    • [COLOR=#ff0000]Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr![/COLOR]

      1. Reboot in recovery;

      2. Wipe Data/Factory reset;

      3. Wipe Dalvik Cache;

      4. Flash zip file from where you saved it;

      After first full boot (~2 min after lockscreen shows up) a reboot is
      recomended. (the first full boot would take up to 3 min)

      [COLOR=#ff0000]Bitte Beachten:[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000]kein Standart Kernelwechsel möglich[/COLOR]
      - [COLOR=#006600]aber nachfolgend unter Goodies for
      _miui.polimorph_® findet Ihr modifizierte Kernel[/COLOR]
      Grund: This version
      works only with this special modded kernel for MIUI, if you flash
      another one you lose ThemeManager functionality and get random FCs.

      Ob und wann ein Multi Spachpaket für die MIUI Base kommt - keinen Plan!

    [size=12] Downloads

    • _miui.polimorph_multilang_i9300_3.1.25_v1.zip - 192.11 MB
      this version works exclusively with default special modded kernel for miui, if you flash another one you lose thememanager functionality and get random fcs!
      Find other options in post #2
      Other basebands available here. Use GetRIL app to match your RIL with the Baseband.

    [size=12]PlayStore[/SIZE] - [COLOR=#ff0000]nicht integriert, muss daher nachgeflasht werden[/COLOR]



    this version works exclusively with default special modded kernel for miui, if you flash another one you lose thememanager functionality and get random fcs!

    Find other options in

    [size=12]Goodies for _miui.polimorph_®[/SIZE]

    • Im Original Port Post 2

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  • [size=12]extra functionality[/SIZE]

    • Display Spoiler

      + faster loading system apps (zipaligned) ;
      + faster launcher (doubled hwui cache for miuihome, SIII can handle it);
      + smoother animations (kernel tweaks);

      + "extended reboot menu" with 4 options (normal, quick, recovery and bootloader);
      + options to change led color and pulse frequency for notifications, messages and calls (settings->"led settings");
      + options to change radio mode, amoled sharpness and haptic intensity (settings->"advanced");
      + miui keyboard (white/black, multilanguage, swype function) - big thanks to lenny_kano from miuiaustralia

      + skip from current song to the next respectively to previous by long pressing (>1 sec) the volume rocker buttons up or down while music is playing and screen is off; short presing (<1 sec) up or down normally changes the volume (included since 2.9.28)
      + mbb mega bass beats (louder sound, crisp treble, deep bass) with dspmanager included

      + styled "advanced" settings and "dspmanager" app to fit with miui framework
      + more brightness in medium light conditions;
      + "control panel suite" (aesthetics tool) - big thanks to fusionjack and lenny_kano from miuiaustralia
      + modded miuihome launcher grid size: 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 6x5, 6x6, 6x7, 7x7, 8x8 (the lower the DPI, the higher the grid size should be setted; eg. @320 - 4x4/4x5, @260 - 5x5/5x6, @240 - 6x5/6x6/6x7)

    [size=12]Change Log[/SIZE]

    • 3.1.25v1 (multilanguage)
      + Update to MIUI 3.1.25
      + Changed base to temasek's CM10 kang v103
      + Upgrade kernel to Siyah's 1.8.9
      + Added AOSP Camera for SIII (credits to TheUnkn0wn)
      - Fixed some HTML5 video glitches
      - Fixed call recording
      - Fixed carrier logo functions (thanks to fusionjack @miuiaustralia)

    • Display Spoiler

      3.1.11 (multilanguage)
      - Fixed extSDcard detection faliure from v2

      3.1.11v2 (multilanguage)
      + added SiyahKernel v1.8.7 for MIUI
      + added control panel suite multilanguage
      + (re)added 5x5, 5x6, 6x5, 6x6, 6x7 options for miuihome grid sizes
      - fixed a few framework glitches for stability

      3.1.11v1 (multilanguage)
      + upgrade to miuiandroid 3.1.11 hybrid base (nexus s+gnex)
      + update to latest cm10 nightly 2012.12.16
      + fixed navbar (simply enable it from control panel, no build.prop modifications required anymore!)
      + langue francaise disponible
      - control panel suite in english only (until fusionjack releases the multilang version, this means the status bar is in english only)
      - control panel's carrier label and logo buttons not working for the moment
      - miui launcher grid sizes available: Stock 4x4 and 4x5 (for now)

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