[AOKP/CM10.1] ReVolt-JB-3.0.0-i9300- Nightly 2013-02-01 (4.2.1 JB | JOP40D)

  • [ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10] ReVolt JB I9300 [NIGHTLIES][OTA]

    Orignal Port & Support by Developer[DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2080039"] johnhany97 / xda[/DLMURL]

    Dies ist ein auf CM10.1 und AOKP basierendes Rom Port
    mit von johnhany97 modifiziertem Kernel

    Näheres wie Futures noch Originaltext

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    Was ist das?

    This is a thread Specifically targeting ReVolt JB ROM's Nightlies for their Support, Releasing and Discussion. I created this thread for users to find and help in finding the bugs in Nightlies to be able to reach better builds.

    Anything Else soll ich das wissen?
    Noch Originaltext

    Yeah, ReVolt ROM is known to have Aroma in it's builds .... Well in Nightlies, there won't be AROMA to facilitate the uploading of the ROM for me and to give us the option to have the SAME EXACT build !!

    Noch Originaltext
    I have some rules for the Nightlies, First, These builds aren't meant for people looking for Stable builds, Never change kernel that comes with it unless I asked for it, The builds will be released when I see that a Nightly is needed ..

    Warum ReVolt ROM ?
    ReVolt ROM is based on AOKP Source with Cherrypicks from CM. ReVolt ROM offers you smoothness, Stability. I will not say for Example that It's the Best ROM(Because Every Developer can Say whatever he wants about his ROM), You try it and let me know what you think ...

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    Wenn von Samsung Stock ROM kommend:

    1-Read this article on How to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
    2-Wipe Data
    3-Wipe Cache
    4-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    5-Format /system
    6-Flash ROM
    7-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache
    8-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!

    Wenn Du von einem anderen Custom ROM kommst:

    1-Wipe Data
    2-Wipe Cache
    3-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    4-Format /system
    5-Flash ROM
    6-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache
    7-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!

    Wenn ein Upgrade von einer älteren ReVolt Nightly machst:

    1-Wipe Cache
    2-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    3-Flash ROM
    4-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache
    5-Flash GApps
    6-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!

    Wenn Sie ein Upgrade von einer 4.1.2 ReVolt Version, und Sie möchten eine 4.2.1 Nightly flachen:

    1-Wipe Data
    2-Wipe Cache
    3-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    4-Flash ROM
    5-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache
    6-Flash GApps
    6-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!



    ReVolt JB Nightlies
    [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/ReVolt/ReVolt_JB_I9300/Nightlies"]Download Latest Nightly from Goo.IM[/DLMURL]


    Google Apps
    [DLMURL="http://goo.im/gapps"] Goo.im Downloads - Browsing gapps[/DLMURL]

    ClockworkMod Recovery
    [DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2002953"] PhilZ Touch Recovery(CWM[/DLMURL]

    Heimdall: Dev-Host - recovery-clockwork-touch- - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service (, Touch)

    Odin: Dev-Host - GT-I9300_ClockworkMod-Recovery-Touch- - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service (, Touch)
    [DLMURL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1413582"] [SOFTKEYS] Softkey Collection [NO MORE UPDATES][/DLMURL]

    Nothing to see here yet !

    1-XDA Developers
    2-bajee11 (Aroma Installation Files)
    3-AOKP Team
    4-CM Team
    5-Cyberboob (Logo / Wallpapers / Signatures / ReVolt ROM Thread Organization)
    6-BigDenn (Bootanimation)
    7-TheWierd (Download Center / Support)
    8-ReVolt ROM Supporters & Loyal Users

    6-Bishal Pantha

    Meine Screenshots

    aktuell im Einsatz mit dem MiHome Launcher

    Miniaturansicht angehängter Grafiken
    [ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10.1] ReVolt-JB-3.0.0-i9300-20130116-screenshot_2013-01-11-22-45-26.png [ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10.1] ReVolt-JB-3.0.0-i9300-20130116-screenshot_2013-01-11-22-45-37.png [ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10.1] ReVolt-JB-3.0.0-i9300-20130116-screenshot_2013-01-11-22-45-48.png

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