[N7 3G] Slimbean

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    Fully compiled from AOSP source ( source.android.com) with my mods and interesting ones from CM/AOKP.
    Read the changelog and installation instructions on the website here carefully.
    Feature requests will be ignored in general but will review ( if a relevant commit is provided) and decide
    No ports based on my ROM zip file, manifest.xml will be updated regularly and feel free to compile from source.


    • Dotted Battery Mod and color picker
    • Battery bar mod
    • Notification Background customization
    • Notification row transparency
    • Quick Settings for
    • Network mode tile
    • Profile Tile
    • Dismiss on toggle
    • Updated APN + SPN
    • Wifi name in notification drawer
    • Power widget
    • Device Parts
    • Performance Settings (need to tap build number a few times)
    • Cursor control using volume keys
    • Disable full screen keyboard
    • Alternate app chooser
    • Clock styles and color chooser
    • ADB over wifi
    • Camera power shutter mod
    • Wifi country specific settings
    • Notification IME selectior
    • SMS quick reply & mark as read from notification
    • All MMS features
    • All Contacts features

    Download Slim-Nexus7-GSM_x.x.zip, slim_gapps.zip.
    boote ins CWM
    wipe data, format system (unter mounts and storage)
    flash Slim-Nexus7-GSM_x.x.zip
    flash slim_gapps.zip (other files optional)
    Wenn der Rom flash kürzer als 5 Sekunden dauert, Rom nochmal drüberflashen!


    Bug list



    Big thanks to CM team, without them SlimRoms wouldn't be possible.
    You can find the full list of credits here

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