[ROM][JB]CM10/CM10.1 Extended Version (3.0er Kernel)

  • Hier die Vorstellung der CM10/CM10.1 Extended Version.

    Thread auf XDA: {Pro/MiniPro/Mini/LWW}[ROM][KERNEL][LINARO][DEV] - CM10/FXP Extended [20130421] - xda-developers

    Im Test Build hier: [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/M66B/test/iyokan"]Goo.im Downloads - Browsing iyokan[/DLMURL] ist der nAa 3.0er Kernel enthalten.
    Im Normalen Build hier: [DLMURL="http://goo.im/devs/M66B/release/iyokan"]Goo.im Downloads - Browsing iyokan[/DLMURL] ist der 2..6.32.60 Kernel enthalten.

    In den Test Buils wurde ein Upgrade auf CM10.1 durchgeführt. Kernel Features:

    Based on nAa kernel
    Built with Linaro
    Optional 4 digit pincode at startup
    Autogroup enabled
    Tuned SmartassV2/H3
    Extended Wi-Fi range
    Default CPU govenor: SmartsassV2
    Default I/O scheduler: SIO
    CWM CM10.1

    Bugs des 3.0er Kernels:

    Boot logo is distorted
    FM radio doesn't work
    USB tether doesn't work
    No overclock yet
    Not built with Linaro


    Fixed mobile data timeout
    OpenPDroid (PDroid Manager integrated and network location fixed)
    Fixed nano editor
    Full terminfo
    Fixed empty notification drawer
    Mass storage mode
    Extended settings: Smartassv2/h3, CPU voltage, low memory killer, autogroup, fsync, boot pincode
    Wi-Fi auto connect settings
    Electron beam animation
    sftp server
    Layout fixes
    Finer music volume
    Display driver fixes
    SmartassV2/H3 boost pulse
    Update notification from goo.im
    Disabled Google Analytics for CM (privacy)
    iw binary built from source
    MMS FC fixes
    Trebuchet+ from CM10.1
    DeskClock from CM10.1
    koush Superuser
    busybox from CM10.1
    CMFileManager from CM10.1
    Apollo from CM10.1
    APN's from CM10.1

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